ºbusiness network, technical, customer service, hiring and managing employees, and promotional assistance.

ºhow to implement environmental sustainability into your business model

ºhow to create funding strategies for startup and maintenance

ºhow to formalize (or register) one’s business

ºhow to set up financial statements
(income, balance sheet, cash flows statements)




ºhow to capture and leverage intellectual property

ºhow to prepare & approach investor financing

ºhow to develop and implement a formal marketing plan

ºhow to write a formal business plan

ºhow to commercialize current research science developments for new businesses

ºhow to create a written founders’ agreement

ºhow to choose an optimal legal form of business such as LLC, C-CORP, B-CORP, GP, LLP, S-CORP, Sole Proprietorship, and more. 


°receiving various forms of entrepreneurial training & support

°obtain full legal compliance

°hiring at least one employee

°recruiting and partnering with two or more co-founders

°creating pro forma financial statements

°competing in external business plan competitions or pitch competitions that award prize monies, startup seed funding and/or some other critical support

°winning at either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place level in an external competition

°gaining investment, debt and/or grant funding

°making your first initial sale if you have not done so already

°using university-owned patented technologies in the setup of your new business